Larp Culture has grown up


Me and my friend Åke was interviewed in the weekend edition of Fria Tidningen about how larp culture has grown up and why we larp. The larp Just a Little Lovin’  is featured as well as some images from Terra Incognita, The Monitor Celestra and Krigshjärta (Heart of War).

When people ask why I’m am larping I usually ask why we consume culture at all?
Watching a movie is to experience something.
To larp is also to experience something.
We assume a role to experience something other than what we do in everyday life.
Without culture our imagination dies, and  larp involves a lot of imagination.
I think that it is a very important part of our humanity that we have imagination and play with it.

Fria Tidningen – Lajvkulturen har vuxit upp (In Swedish)
Larp Culture has grown up (English with Google Translate)

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