Do you feel the beat? Time to JOIN The Rhythm of a Joint Venture

My friends at Nyxxx who among other things previously have done Drömdykarna and Avatarvaro teamed up with the theatre company Insite in Malmö to let us JOIN.

In breif “introduction day” of about 1,5 hour we are to play around with the organisation Corpus. We get help by four Corpus-employees who makes us find our way, but we are all jointly led by The Beat. The Beat is a weird combination of artificial intelligence, corporate-utopia, workforce-dystopia and a nice groove that makes your head nod and down.

A good read for more background is the program (PDF in Swedish)
Teaterlek om mörk framtid – review in Sydsvenskan (Article in Swedish)
Med performance som lupp och vapen – Sydsvenskan (Article in Swedish)

JOIN The Rhythm of a Joint Venture - Poster

It’s a fun piece but also filled with critique about society and where we are going. It’s also right up my alley when it comes to interactive and participatory performances, easy to participate and also with a nice touch of sandbox. Nyxxx usually plays around with a mix of play, choreography, audio and visual effects. This time a really liked the audio and how the beat melted into the whole experience.

Also, if you played and liked mine and Martin Rother-Schirrens larp Papers, you would probably love this.

JOIN plays in Malmö a few more times and then sets of to a Skåne tour.

You should definately join.

The Art of Steering – Bringing the Player and the Character Back Together


The rhetorics of Nordic larp often imply that role-players play in an intuitive fashion guided by the character, rarely or never contemplating their actions during the game. In reality, however, we are often keenly aware of what we are doing as our characters and why. This paper explores the practice of making in-character decisions based on off-game reasons – also known as steering.

The Art of Steering – Bringing the Player and the Character Back Together by Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros & Eleanor Saitta.

Martin Nielsen: The Chamberlarp Revolution

Baader-Meinhof Experiment at Riksteatern. Ingame. Photo: Gabriel Widing.

Baader-Meinhof Experiment at Riksteatern 2010 during A Week in Stockholm. Ingame. Photo: Gabriel Widing.

Martin Nielsen held a keynote entitled The Chamberlarp Revolution at Knudepunkt 2015 from which he now has released the text. Martin talks about the history and future about formats for short larps such as chamber larp or black box larp.

What does all this mean for the future? I have four predictions and two wishes for the future:

1. We will continue to make larps even more accessible, by integrating workshop techniques in the design in a way that will help more people overcome the anxiety of participating

2. We will make even shorter formats to permit more people to play. Just like short key notes or formats like pecha kucha are gaining popularity on the expense of long talks, we will find even shorter larp formats. Tabletop roleplayers have «roleplaying poems» that can be played in 15 minutes. I don’t know how, but I’m sure we will also have an eqvivialent in larp.

3. Manuscripts will be attributed to author rights, that will provide royalities, which will make one more stepping stone in making it possible to live professionally from larps

4. And larps will start adapting other larps. In his Nordic Larp talk, Evan Torner spoke about adaption litterature or films into, but we will also see, just as in the theatre, that reruns will use LARP manuscripts but use their own adaptions, such as changing the setting but keeping the story.

I strongly recommend the read. And while waiting for the video of the talk to be released, head over to Alibier!

Larpfund – Crowfunding player diversity

Larpfund is a player driven initiative and fund to support greater diversity in larping. We help organisers subsidise tickets for those who need them.

We believe that the nordic larp community should be accessible to everyone and that we, as a player community, are the ones responsible to make this a reality.

Larpfund is an amazing initative in which you can donate monthly or as a one-shot to a fund which larp organiser can apply to. The money is then to be used to subsidise the tickets to their larp. Currently only operating in the Nordic countries.

Check out

Women in Larp at


I was also really surprised that to find out that in fantasy worlds where people can fight dragons and spit fireballs from their hands, there was a notion that women at LARP can’t do things as well as men. I kind of assumed that because it’s a fantasy world then people would just treat others equally, but it seems like that is not the case on occasions.

LARP has a Woman Problem at

Also watch Ann Eriksens great Nordic Larp TalkGirls in Armour – a Danish Feminist Movement

Lessons learned from re-running the larp Last Will

Last Will Larp

The great team of Frida Gamero, Sofia Stenler and Annica Strand, a part of the organizations Ursula as well as makers of the blog Arrtankar (Organizer thoughts) have just finished the second run of their larp Last Will. As a part of their great tradition of documenting their work they have now written a summary of change made between the two runs. A great read for any larp designer and also great reflection on how to run a signup process.

This is a breakdown of the changes between the first and second run of Last Will. It will include changes in the sign-up procedure, design, information to the players, workshops and also situational changes that greatly affected the outcome, for the players and for us organisers.

Head over to Arrtankar to read: Practice makes perfect

The Wyrd Con Companion Book 2014

Cover of The Wyrd Con Companion Book 2014

Wyrdcon is annual larp convention held in California, US. It is accompanied by the Wyrd Con Companian Book which this year was edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman.

The book both looks back on history of larp as well as current topics, primarily from an American perspective.

Among other things it was fun to read about the article Culture Shock: Building a Freeform Scene in Edmonton. It is written by Eleonora and Mikael Hellström and hold both great reads about the larp scene in the Swedish 90’s as well as the culture shock for the couple when they tried to get into Canadian larp.

What we learned during these years is that patience is a key word if you want to introduce a non-traditional larp design into an established community. With that come also optimism and stubbornness, as well as repect for other people’s preferences. We met with—and still meet with sometimes—anger and fear of change. These emotions need to be met with respect as well, but also with an open discussion about how the larp community as a whole can only benefit from diversity.

You find the pdf here

College of Wizardry – A magical larp in a Polish castle

Czocha College of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Ingame. Photo: John Paul Bichard

Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ingame. Photo: John Paul Bichard

I went to College in November – magic College. 
In the fan-made production College of Wizardry myself and almost two hundred others travelled to Czocha Castle in Poland to attend college Harry Potter-style. I’ve interviewed Claus Raasted from the organizing team about the production the media attention it has received afterwards.

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Trailer for the larp documentary Treasure Trapped

In 2012 a UK-based production company called Cosmic Joke embarked it’s journey to capture larp in the form of a documentary. They started a Kickstarter-campaign, got it funded, and now it looks like the final result soon is here.

The movie will be screening at the German larp conference Mittelpunkt 2014 in November.

There has been a few attempts of making a good documentary about larp. My hopes about Treasure Trapped are still very bright. I met the team when they where filming PanoptiCorp in Copenhagen during the spring of 2013.

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Nordic Larp: Performing for the first person audience

Radiation suit for work down in the reactor. Photo: John-Paul Bichard (CC-NC-ND)

What is common to Nordic larp is that it is primarily directed at a first person audience: the participants are the primary audience of the performance. If I play a mother of a family in Ground Zero, I try perhaps to remain calm and composed in order to avoid frightening my children, performing a strong mother to the other players. At the same time, however, I probably try to engage emotionally with the horrible tragedy, playing an ordinary scared civilian to myself. Everyone in the shelter is engaged in these two performances for the whole 24 hours, pretending to be a refugee in a bomb shelter.

Markus Montola writes about Nordic larp in an article at for the Goethe-Institut’s project SPIELTRIEB! – Nordic Larp: Performing for the first person audience.

Photo: Radiation suit for work down in the reactor at The Monitor Celestra. Credit John-Paul Bichard (CC-NC-ND)

Knutpunkt 2014 – Last chance to attend!

Knutpunkt 2014

Knutepunkt is a Nordic conference for larp and today is your last chance to sign-up for Knutpunkt 2014. The event is will be held in Halmstad, Sweden 3-6 April. Before that there will be several activities during A Week in Gothenburg (AWiG) such as Nordic Larp Talks on Wednesday 2nd April.

I have attended the Knutepunkt-conference since 2008 and I warmly recommend a visit as you the most amazing people from all over the world.

Interview with Anna Westerling

Anna Westerling

Photo: Kristoffer Thurøe

In the workshop we also did a lot of freeform scenes within the playgroup. For the characters we did scenes from the past, the future and “what if”-scenes. This turned out to be very strong.


We had a black box, which was a simple room, where a game master would help you set up the scene you needed.

Emily Care boss interviews Anna Westerling, larp designer and organizer of Stockholm Scenario Festival. Read up on Annas thoughts about the festival as well as her views on game design and the history of Nordic freeform and black box larps.

Stockholm Scenario Festival: Interview with Anna Westerling

The Kick Inside – A larp diving into lifetimes

The Kick Inside - Blackbox Malmö

When do we know if the choices we make are the right ones and what should we really do with our lives? During a few hours, twelve players dive into the stories of Agnes, Markus, Olivia & Thomas to meet them during three stages of their lifetimes.

Blackbox Malmö is an organization hosting and promoting short larps in the Malmö-region in Sweden, in January they organized The Kick Inside.

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