Welcome to PanoptiCorp – A satirical ad-agency larp

Pete PS under PanoptiCorp 2013

A normal day at work. Pete PS (Petter Karlsson) and Jes Sic (Josefin Westborg) pitches a crazy concept to morally corrupt clients. In-game. Photo: Cosmic Joke

The Danish organizer Claus Raasted missed larp PanoptiCorp in 2003. Ten years later, he decided that the larp should be put up again and in June 2013 the cynical advertising agency PanoptiCorp was once again created. The result was an intense 36-hour experience with participants from all over Europe. In addition, some filmmakers who were also attending put together a mini-documentary about the larp. Welcome to the opening of PanoptiCorp’s new Copenhagen office.

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The Monitor Celestra – A Battlestar Galactica inspired frakkin’ spaceship larp

The Monitor Celestra - A Battlestar Galactica inspired larp

The Monitor Celestra was larp inspired by Battlestar Galactica. The scene was the monitor class spacehip Celestra. This was the navigation table in the bridge. Photo: Petter Karlsson

The Monitor Celestra was a Battlestar Galactica inspired non-profit larp project in Nordic style that was held during three weekends in March 2013. It was an action-packed high drama experience that took the real Swedish destroyer-class ship Småland and turned it into a real frakkin’ spaceship.

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