Interview with Anna Westerling

Anna Westerling

Photo: Kristoffer Thurøe

In the workshop we also did a lot of freeform scenes within the playgroup. For the characters we did scenes from the past, the future and “what if”-scenes. This turned out to be very strong.


We had a black box, which was a simple room, where a game master would help you set up the scene you needed.

Emily Care boss interviews Anna Westerling, larp designer and organizer of Stockholm Scenario Festival. Read up on Annas thoughts about the festival as well as her views on game design and the history of Nordic freeform and black box larps.

Stockholm Scenario Festival: Interview with Anna Westerling

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013 – A weekend of larp and freeform

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013

Participants gathering before the start of scenarios in the big black box at Skarpnäck Culture House. Photo: Petter Karlsson

Stockholm Scenario Festival was a three day event packed with loads of play with the goal of combining both freeform games as well as larps. I had the chance to attend several scenarios and I also did some video interviews with participants. For this post I also got a comment from Anna Westerling who was one of the main organizers. Hopefully, Stockholm Scenario Festival marks the start of a tradition.

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Grenselandet 2013 – A Norwegian chamber larp festival


Grenselandet is a great short larp festival organized in Oslo by Fantasiforbundet. I visited this year hosting my larp Papers, as well as playing Hirelings and Sarabande. I also attended the  launch of the book Larps from the Factory. I also got the chance to get some thoughts about the history  of Grenselandet and what is has become by the main organizer Martin Nielsen.

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