Interviewed in iOS App Store about the play design for Toca Life

iOS App Store Today Tab November 22nd featuring the Article Making Kids Games Meaningful

I have now been at Toca Boca for 2 years working with 6 apps in the Toca Life series. A lot of learnings and fun experiences with an amazing team have happened during this time. I was happy to share some of these stories in an interview for the Today Tab in the iOS App Store this November.

You can read the article here.

You can also watch mine and Willow Melbratt’s talk about our work with designing Toca Life here.


The Power of Play – Presentation at

Me and my colleague Willow Melbratt spoke at the design focused conference September 6th 2017. We talked about our work with the Toca Life series at Toca Boca and how we design for diversity and with the kids perspective as the core of every product.

At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of Free Play. Undirected Play. Play that empowers the individual. We are Play Designers and will share how we bring play into our process and work with kids to develop concepts from their perspective that are inclusive, fun, and at their essence, purely playful.

We also looked like this on with some magic plastic from Aliexpress behind us.

Thanks to the Confetti team and the other amazing speakers for making an awesome conference!

You can check out all of the presentations here!

Nordic Larp in serious games reasearch

The larp White Death. Ingame. Photo: Peter Munthe-Kaas

The larp White Death. Ingame. Photo: Peter Munthe-Kaas

Nordic LARP is a fascinating medium and we would encourage Serious Games designers to have a look at it from the perspective of education and learning. It offers a different view to learning and education and could be what we are all looking for.

Serious games  is a term for games that serve another purpose than only to be entertaining, such as an education game. On a blog post at GALA – The Games and Learning Alliance three researchers from the Heriot-Watt University discuss if serious games and AI technology could benefit from Nordic Larp. Thanks to Jaakko for the tip.

During the fall my collegues from LajvVerkstaden made a one week introduction to Nordic Larp and edu-larp the GALA-researchers in Edinburgh.

Nordic LARP, should the Serious Game community think about it?

Photo: Peter Munthe-Kaas

Jaakko Stenros: Aesthetics of Action

Jaakko Stenros - Nordic Larp Talks 2013

Jaakko Stenros at the Nordic Larp Talks Oslo 2013. Photo: Johannes Axner

Let’s move on to the aesthetics. Where is the beauty in larp?

Larps are created by a combination of game organizers and players and people that fall somewhere between the two. However, these groups are not comparable to performers and spectators. Larp is not staged by one group for another.

This means that the conventional aesthetics of, say, theatre, do not apply. You are not just someone sitting back and appreciating something beautiful, nor are you projecting an excellence in performance from the stage. You are participating in the doing and appreciating the action created.

Read the talk Living The Story, Free to Choose – Participant Agency in Co-Created Worlds by Jaakko Stenros, that was presented this month at the new conference Alibis for Interaction in Landskrona, Sweden.

Jakko is a games and transmedia researcher and a doctoral candidate at the Game Research Lab, University of Tampere and of the authors of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design. He is also the editor of several iconic works, such as the Nordic Larp book.

Larp Culture has grown up


Me and my friend Åke was interviewed in the weekend edition of Fria Tidningen about how larp culture has grown up and why we larp. The larp Just a Little Lovin’  is featured as well as some images from Terra Incognita, The Monitor Celestra and Krigshjärta (Heart of War).

When people ask why I’m am larping I usually ask why we consume culture at all?
Watching a movie is to experience something.
To larp is also to experience something.
We assume a role to experience something other than what we do in everyday life.
Without culture our imagination dies, and  larp involves a lot of imagination.
I think that it is a very important part of our humanity that we have imagination and play with it.

Fria Tidningen – Lajvkulturen har vuxit upp (In Swedish)
Larp Culture has grown up (English with Google Translate)

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