Electro-Larp: Review – Mad About The Boy

Mad About the Boy - Electro-LARP

The 2012 Swedish run of Mad About the Boy. Photo: Electro-LARP


I myself have been very sensitive about the game, but what makes this the larp rich is precisely that larps are a great vehicle for science-fiction. The reflection created by the game about gender, masculinity, femininity and cultural construction is fascinating and it’s not a message delivered on a plate by an author but a group reflection that emerges from the larp .

French Baptiste Cazes has written a three piece review about the larp Mad About the Boy. The first part describes the context of the larp and his preparations. The second about workshops, transparency and the game design. In the the third and last, Baptiste describes the use of the black box and the debriefing methods.

Review – Mad About The Boy – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

The articles have been posted and translated by Leïla Teteau-Surel at the French larp blog Electro-LARP, a site in English for larp news from written weekly by the French community. The original articles are to be found at Electro-GN, which is the French language parent of Electro-LARP.

For further reading, here is the review by Thomas B.
And finally. The larp will be played in France 2014. Don’t miss out.

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013 – A weekend of larp and freeform

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013

Participants gathering before the start of scenarios in the big black box at Skarpnäck Culture House. Photo: Petter Karlsson

Stockholm Scenario Festival was a three day event packed with loads of play with the goal of combining both freeform games as well as larps. I had the chance to attend several scenarios and I also did some video interviews with participants. For this post I also got a comment from Anna Westerling who was one of the main organizers. Hopefully, Stockholm Scenario Festival marks the start of a tradition.

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Thomas B: Larp critique: Mad about the Boy

The man and a woman. From Mad About the Boy in Norway 2010. In-game. Photo: Li Xin

The man and a woman. From Mad About the Boy in Norway 2010. In-game. Photo: Li Xin


From a gameplay point of view, MatB proved me that yes, it was possible to have fun roleplaying daily life: no complicated plots, nothing to hide or save, just living life as someone else. Of course everything was more interesting because I was trying to do it «as a woman» but still, it worked.

Read the larp review of Mad About the Boy written by Swiss larper Tomas B who participated in the Swedish run, during the summer of 2013.

The larp was organized by Morgan Jarl, Annika Waern, Ulrika Wiborgh and Qla Zetterberg as producers and the original larpwrights Margrete Raaum, Tor Kjetil Edland and Trine Lise Lindahl as artistic crew. Read more on the Nordic larp wiki.

Grenselandet 2013 – A Norwegian chamber larp festival


Grenselandet is a great short larp festival organized in Oslo by Fantasiforbundet. I visited this year hosting my larp Papers, as well as playing Hirelings and Sarabande. I also attended the  launch of the book Larps from the Factory. I also got the chance to get some thoughts about the history  of Grenselandet and what is has become by the main organizer Martin Nielsen.

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Jaakko Stenros: Aesthetics of Action

Jaakko Stenros - Nordic Larp Talks 2013

Jaakko Stenros at the Nordic Larp Talks Oslo 2013. Photo: Johannes Axner

Let’s move on to the aesthetics. Where is the beauty in larp?

Larps are created by a combination of game organizers and players and people that fall somewhere between the two. However, these groups are not comparable to performers and spectators. Larp is not staged by one group for another.

This means that the conventional aesthetics of, say, theatre, do not apply. You are not just someone sitting back and appreciating something beautiful, nor are you projecting an excellence in performance from the stage. You are participating in the doing and appreciating the action created.

Read the talk Living The Story, Free to Choose – Participant Agency in Co-Created Worlds by Jaakko Stenros, that was presented this month at the new conference Alibis for Interaction in Landskrona, Sweden.

Jakko is a games and transmedia researcher and a doctoral candidate at the Game Research Lab, University of Tampere and of the authors of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design. He is also the editor of several iconic works, such as the Nordic Larp book.

Larp Culture has grown up


Me and my friend Åke was interviewed in the weekend edition of Fria Tidningen about how larp culture has grown up and why we larp. The larp Just a Little Lovin’  is featured as well as some images from Terra Incognita, The Monitor Celestra and Krigshjärta (Heart of War).

When people ask why I’m am larping I usually ask why we consume culture at all?
Watching a movie is to experience something.
To larp is also to experience something.
We assume a role to experience something other than what we do in everyday life.
Without culture our imagination dies, and  larp involves a lot of imagination.
I think that it is a very important part of our humanity that we have imagination and play with it.

Fria Tidningen – Lajvkulturen har vuxit upp (In Swedish)
Larp Culture has grown up (English with Google Translate)

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Lindängens Riksinternat

Peter Munthe-Kaas as Christer Von Lünow, the schools psychology and philosophy teacher. In-game. Photo: Frida Karlsson Lindgren

Peter Munthe-Kaas as Christer Von Lünow, the schools psychology and philosophy teacher. In-game. Photo: Frida Karlsson Lindgren

Lindängen is definetly one of the better larps I have participated in. Comparable only to larps as Just a little lovinDen hvide krig and Brudpris both design wise and in the actual play experience. I predict that we will see more productions of Lindängen in the future and would recommend everyone with an interest in the psychology of schools and group dynamics to sign up.

Danish Peter Munthe-Kaas has written about the larp Lindängens Riksinternat (Lindängen Boardingschool) held in Sweden 16-20 October 2013.

Terra Incognita – A Swedish 1920’s Lovecraft larp

The expedition in the Töfsing valley. From game 2. Photo: Johannes Axner

The expedition in the Töfsing valley from the larp Terra Incognita. Portrait taken after game 2. Photo: Johannes Axner

Terra Incognita was a small and very well organized horror larp in the Cthulhu Mythos that was started with the stories by H.P. Lovecraft. The story was set in Sweden in 1922, telling the story of an expedition searching for a missing researcher, last heard of in a desolate village in the Töfsing valley.

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Welcome to PanoptiCorp – A satirical ad-agency larp

Pete PS under PanoptiCorp 2013

A normal day at work. Pete PS (Petter Karlsson) and Jes Sic (Josefin Westborg) pitches a crazy concept to morally corrupt clients. In-game. Photo: Cosmic Joke

The Danish organizer Claus Raasted missed larp PanoptiCorp in 2003. Ten years later, he decided that the larp should be put up again and in June 2013 the cynical advertising agency PanoptiCorp was once again created. The result was an intense 36-hour experience with participants from all over Europe. In addition, some filmmakers who were also attending put together a mini-documentary about the larp. Welcome to the opening of PanoptiCorp’s new Copenhagen office.

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The Monitor Celestra – A Battlestar Galactica inspired frakkin’ spaceship larp

The Monitor Celestra - A Battlestar Galactica inspired larp

The Monitor Celestra was larp inspired by Battlestar Galactica. The scene was the monitor class spacehip Celestra. This was the navigation table in the bridge. Photo: Petter Karlsson

The Monitor Celestra was a Battlestar Galactica inspired non-profit larp project in Nordic style that was held during three weekends in March 2013. It was an action-packed high drama experience that took the real Swedish destroyer-class ship Småland and turned it into a real frakkin’ spaceship.

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