The Kick Inside – A larp diving into lifetimes

The Kick Inside - Blackbox Malmö

When do we know if the choices we make are the right ones and what should we really do with our lives? During a few hours, twelve players dive into the stories of Agnes, Markus, Olivia & Thomas to meet them during three stages of their lifetimes.

Blackbox Malmö is an organization hosting and promoting short larps in the Malmö-region in Sweden, in January they organized The Kick Inside.

Video documentation

The Kick Inside is a scenario about different stages in life and how we cope with changes. Mayor themes are identity, choices and acceptance. We get to meet four people – Agnes, Marcus, Olivia and Thomas – and follow them through three different stages in life. Three parallell, separate stories, each running through four acts. All stories take place in cabins that are curiously alike.

Photo gallery

The larp was documented by Andreas Ingefjord.


The larp is written in 2010 by Kristoffer Lindh and Martin Rother-Schirren and was organized by Gustav Nilsson and myself as co-organizer through Blackbox Malmö.

The Kick Inside is a larp in the tradition of “Tape larps” where tape is used to create rooms such as in the movie Dogville. It is available free for download to play.

For more events like this in Malmö, follow Blackbox Malmö on Facebook.

Further reading

Spelkult – The Kick Inside (In Swedish)

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