RedHope – Brazilian horror sci-fi larp

RedHope. Ingame. Photo: Thomaz Barbeiro

RedHope 2013. Ingame. Photo: Thomaz Barbeiro

RedHope was a science fiction horror larp organized in Brazil by Confraria das Ideias (Brotherhood of the ideas) in 2013. This was the third installment in a campaign started in 2009. Luiz Falcão from São Paulo have here described the larp, and he also give us some insight to the Brazilian larp scene.

Luiz Falcão
Director of NpLarp ( Core Research Larp ) a member of the Brotherhood of Ideas, the group Boi Voador and eventual collaborator of many other groups and initiatives.

In the last two applications of this game, the backstage of a theater and the mezzanine of Centro Cultural da Juventude – CCJ in the city of São Paulo were transformed into a spaceship and surrounding landing area. In the history, Earth was completely devastated and infested by zombies and humanity began to inhabit space stations. Nearly 200 years in the future, a company illegally developed a compound that intends to destroy the zombie virus and clean the atmosphere. About 15 people, including scientists, technicians and the security team goes to Earth in a small spacecraft carrying the compound – but the spacecraft falls upon contact with the atmosphere.

During the larp, the crew has to deal with failures (and repairs) of the ship’s systems, with the horde of zombies approaching the vicinity of the impact area and the mission of spreading the compound ‘RedHope’ in the atmosphere during a storm.

The Brotherhood of Ideas was established in 1999 and has a long history of creating and applying larps, and probably is the most important group in Brazil dedicated to larp.

Initially populated by larps from RPG Vampire – The Masquerade in the mid 90’s, the larp in Brazil began to diversify and intensify over the next decade. In 2011 the research project NpLarp approached the Brazilian larp scene and the global and contemporary larp by “opening the doors” and establishing connections with the Nordic larp and larps from other parts of the world. NpLarp also promoted the fraternization of larp groups in Brazil, which until then did not constitute a organized scenario. Since then, the practice of larp grew and strengthened, some groups have emerged or returned to acting and larp scenario in Brazil is more diverse and mature than ever.

Brazilian Larp Highlights

(From Sao Paulo perspective) – in Portuguese, but with lots of pictures!

Live! - Live Action Role-Playing

Live! – Live Action Role-Playing

The guide “LIVE ! Practical Guide to LARP”
A great presentation of the research project carried out in 2011 to map the larp in Brazil and in the world, in its different forms.

Dracula – a tale of power and monsters – 2012
An example of a traditional Brazilian larp, hosted in a public library.

Tango for Two and full gallery
The first Nordic larp performed publicly in Brazil ( at least of which I am aware ) .

The Clinic (Memento project) 2011
Probably the first Brazilian larp heavily influenced by Nordic Larp (which today is becoming common). In this game, 14 people awake with no memories in a closed room – and will recover their memories through the unfolding experience, trying to reassemble their identities and how they got there.

Blind 2013.

Blind 2013.

Blind – 2013
Larp based on the work Blindness from the Portuguese writer José Saramago , focusing on participants’ experience and a minimalist plot. Conducted within the context of LAB LARP group (a regular meeting of people in order to try practices related to larp, mainly Nordic and Brazilian larps ).

Thunders of war
Examples of boffer larp in Brazil.

Opera of the Vanities
The Vampire the Masquerade larps also returned with new breath in the country.

Thank you Luiz so much  for sharing! I am currently a bit mad that I don’t speak French to be able to larp in France, but now also feel an urge to learn Portuguese and get to Brazil. Great pictures and good reads!

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