Battle of Wisby 1361

Battle of Wisby 1361 - Fight is over - Foto Lars Lundqvist

During this years medieveal week in Visby, Gotland, a big battle reenactment was made of the Battle of Wisby 1361, where thousands of gotlandic peasants were slaughtered by a well trained danish mercenary army. In this short movie I interviewed Peter Ahlqvist, one of the main organizers of the event.

The beautiful photos are taken by Lars Lundqvist. Watch them all here

650 years ago Gotland was traumatised. A Danish army, consisting of knights and professional soldiers invaded Gotland, and the peasants of the island gathered to resist the invaders. Thousands of them were slain.

Our project Battle of Wisby aims to honor the fallen and to remember their sacrifice for freedom by reenacting the battle and putting up a big military camp outside the walls of Wisby.
Battle of Wisby

The project was the biggest medieval reenactment yet in Sweden and I am really happy to have been a part of it. Besides the battle a big war camp was also built which was open to the public all week. Two days prior to the big event in Wisby, the battle of Mästermyr was also reenacted. There where participating groups from 9 european countries making it about 250 people on the field and newspapers estimate 6 000 – 7000  in the audience for the battle next to the city walls of Wisby.

Kudos to the fantastic organizers with crew who have put in so much work for free and of course my most humble thanks to all the amazing participants for bringing this important piece of Swedish history back to reality – for a short while.

The Battle - Battle of Wisby 1361

Photos by Lars Lundqvist

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