Trailer for the larp documentary Treasure Trapped

In 2012 a UK-based production company called Cosmic Joke embarked it’s journey to capture larp in the form of a documentary. They started a Kickstarter-campaign, got it funded, and now it looks like the final result soon is here.

The movie will be screening at the German larp conference Mittelpunkt 2014 in November.

There has been a few attempts of making a good documentary about larp. My hopes about Treasure Trapped are still very bright. I met the team when they where filming PanoptiCorp in Copenhagen during the spring of 2013.

Because of the big amount of work travelling around the world to learn about larp a few short documentaries have already spawned from the project.

You can actually learn while having fun and that’s how it should be

Learn about the amazing Østerskov Efterskole, a Danish boarding school based on roleplaying founded in 2006.

Or watch 15 minutes from about the larp Panopticorp which I have written about previously: Welcome to PanoptiCorp – A satirical ad-agency.

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