Lessons learned from re-running the larp Last Will

Last Will Larp

The great team of Frida Gamero, Sofia Stenler and Annica Strand, a part of the organizations Ursula as well as makers of the blog Arrtankar (Organizer thoughts) have just finished the second run of their larp Last Will. As a part of their great tradition of documenting their work they have now written a summary of change made between the two runs. A great read for any larp designer and also great reflection on how to run a signup process.

This is a breakdown of the changes between the first and second run of Last Will. It will include changes in the sign-up procedure, design, information to the players, workshops and also situational changes that greatly affected the outcome, for the players and for us organisers.

Head over to Arrtankar to read: Practice makes perfect

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