Do you feel the beat? Time to JOIN The Rhythm of a Joint Venture

My friends at Nyxxx who among other things previously have done Drömdykarna and Avatarvaro teamed up with the theatre company Insite in Malmö to let us JOIN.

In breif “introduction day” of about 1,5 hour we are to play around with the organisation Corpus. We get help by four Corpus-employees who makes us find our way, but we are all jointly led by The Beat. The Beat is a weird combination of artificial intelligence, corporate-utopia, workforce-dystopia and a nice groove that makes your head nod and down.

A good read for more background is the program (PDF in Swedish)
Teaterlek om mörk framtid – review in Sydsvenskan (Article in Swedish)
Med performance som lupp och vapen – Sydsvenskan (Article in Swedish)

JOIN The Rhythm of a Joint Venture - Poster

It’s a fun piece but also filled with critique about society and where we are going. It’s also right up my alley when it comes to interactive and participatory performances, easy to participate and also with a nice touch of sandbox. Nyxxx usually plays around with a mix of play, choreography, audio and visual effects. This time a really liked the audio and how the beat melted into the whole experience.

Also, if you played and liked mine and Martin Rother-Schirrens larp Papers, you would probably love this.

JOIN plays in Malmö a few more times and then sets of to a Skåne tour.

You should definately join.

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