How to use social media in larps

Social media in larps.
At the larp conference Knutpunkt 2014 me and Rasmus Høgdall hosted the session Social Media in Larps, in a combination of presentation and panel. We provided some of examples of how people have been using social media in connections to their larps, both for off-game and in-game use.

The panel included a great crowd consisting of Eleanor Saitta, Stefan Deutsch, Johanna Macdonald, Magnar Grønvik Müller & Eirik Fatland.

Petter and Rasmus will walk the audience through the different social medias, talk about how they can be used and what limitations they have. A panel of guest speakers will talk about the pros and cons of using social media in larps ranging from player safety to controling online content.

This post was first published at as Social Media in Larps.

Check out the big summary of Knutpunkt 2014.

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