Why We Play – An introduction to Nordic Larp

Why We Play - An introduction to Nordic Larp

Yesterday I held a lecture about Nordic Larp. Here you can watch the presentation and my collections of links for further watching, reading and of course also playing.

The lecture was held at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts for the course Cross-media – from storytelling to distribution, organized by Jo Rydberg Lidén and Mirko Lempert. The class was great with a lot of really good questions and it was also quite challenging since I needed to do it in English.

Here you can watch the lecture. I have cut out a part in the beginning where we played a short larp in the classroom.

Watch and download the slides here.


Here are some links you should check out! This list will be updated so please send me suggestions to what to put here.

International – Videos:
Nordic Larp Talks

International – Further reading:
Nordic Larp Wiki
Nordic Larp Book
Playground Role-playing Magazine
Lizzie Stark – American journalist and editor
The Larpwright – Erik Fatland’s blog, a Norwegian larpwright
News piece in Roads and Kingdoms

International – Conferences/conventions:

International – Games:
Just a Little’ Lovin – A Nordic Larp example
Chamber Games – Short games you can download and play
We Go By Jeep – Downloadable free-form role-playing games
When our Destinies Meet – Downloadable black box role-playing system
Conspiracy For Good – Crossmedia game from 2010 by The Company P.

Swedish – Conferences/conventions:
Prolog – Swedish larp conference

Swedish – Games:
Spelkalender – The game calender
Lajvfabriken – A network making short larps
LajvVerkstaden – Larps for Eductation

Swedish – Other:
Inlajv – A web-magazine about larp

Thanks to the photographers!
Bjarke Pedersen – The White Road (2005), Totem (2007), LVL5 (2010)
Peter Munthe-Kaas – System Denmark (2007), Kapo (2010)
Emma Hansdotter – Våra Drömmars Stad (2009)
Jonas Hörberg – Hemligheten (2010)
Karin Edman – Skymningsland (2010)
Larson Kasper – Nordic Larp Talks (2011)
Henrik Löwenhamn, Riksantikvariämbetet (CC-BY) (2011)

I also would like to thanks Johanna Koljonen for great input, and If you haven’t seen her introductary Nordic Larp Talk about the Nordic Larp scene, watch it here: NLT 2011 – Introduction to Nordic Larp.

Finally I would like to thank the awesome american writer and blogger Lizzy Stark. She is always a good writer an nice to follow and I had great use of her blog post What Is Larp and Nordic larp for Noobs.

19/1: Will be updated with more links and notes!
18/9: Updated with more link

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